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Buy Liquid Pentobarbital Online Without Prescription

Buy liquid pentobarbital online without prescription at the best affordable prices from us. It is important to note that liquid pentobarbital or Nembutal oral liquid belongs to the class of drugs called barbiturates.

These drugs were commonly used in the 1940’s and 1950’s as sedative hypnotics and also as anticonvulsants in subhypnotic doses. However, when administered in higher doses, it is toxic and has proven to be very effective in the process of euthanasia which explains why liquid pentobarbital and other barbiturates are subject to control by the federal controlled substances act in the United States and is now termed a restricted substance in majority nations around the globe.

Why Buy Liquid Pentobarbital Online

Nowadays, individuals looking to buy liquid pentobarbital or other barbiturates online are left only with the option to buy liquid pentobarbital online reason being that, these substances have long been restricted (removed) from the market in so many nations as a result of the drug’s toxicity when taken in overdose.

It is advisable to use this method to buy liquid pentobarbital online which is considered to be the safest and less costly as compared to traveling to mexico where the solution (substance) is still semi legalized.


If you intend to buy liquid pentobarbital online, it is important to note that the dosage must be individualized with a full knowledge of the individual’s (your) intended use. other factors to consider are the individuals’ (your) age, weight and condition.

A- When intended for short term treatment treatment of insomnia or in the emergency control of certain accute problems like status epilepticus, cholera, eclampsia, meningitis and tetanus, the liquid pentobarbital dose should be below 50 ml or as directed by our experts before or after your order.

B- If intended for Euthanasia, the lethal dose greatly varies from person to person taking into consideration your age and weight as mentioned above.

Examples are mentioned below:

75 ML is considered lethal dose for individuals between 50 kg – 125 kg

100 ML lethal dose for persons within 230 kg – 295 kg

250 ML highly lethal for a person weighing 300 kg – 500 kg

It is also important to note that these doses are based on previous experiences, can be reviewed by our experts based on the costumers’ descriptions before or after an order.

Lastly, you can buy liquid pentobarbital online from us and have it shipped directly to your designated address without complications as we use only trusted and most reliable delivery channels.


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75 ml + Antiemetics, 100 ml + Antiemetics, 250 ml +Antiemetics

21 reviews for Nembutal Oral Liquid

  1. vicki g

    always quicker delivery than expected. Some years ago, i traveled to Mexico to purchase Nembutal to no avail, but with you i finally got it.

  2. Peter Leinhos

    Thank you for my order. But the manual was a little confusing on how to use Nembutal ORAL.

  3. Ruth

    Excellent, reliable service.

  4. Stella

    The ordering of my medication was a pleasant experience. Eden did an outstanding job providing me with the generic medication and applied discounts to my order. She was very knowledgeable and professional. She followed through to make sure the order was correct. Thank you Eden.

  5. Michael Kathleen Rousselot

    I am so happy to have found Global Nembutal. They are very helpful and will take care of everything. Thank you for your excellent service.

  6. Terrence

    Global Nembutal is fantastic! The prices and service are excellent!

  7. David Fleshman

    Nothing more to add. These guys are great. I am quite satisfied.

  8. Joanne YOung

    Great service.great prices. I especially like the chat line it makes ordering easy. The people are so friendly and helpful.

  9. Erich P. Wise

    Fast service, reasonable prices.

  10. Timothy Hill

    Very friendly, great prices and always arrives earlier than expected

  11. Jimmy Peel

    Nembutal Oral, great product, totally satisfied. I’m only waiting for the forgotten Anti-emetics to complete my Euthanasia Process.

  12. Calson James

    Nembutal oral liquid one of my favorite amongst your products, I have tested it with a few patients and it’s effective.

  13. Dianne

    Did not give a five due to they no longer take Wire and charge extra for using a Bank Transfer.

  14. Ray Paquette

    I have had good luck doing business with Global Nembutal. The one thing I don’t like is they aren’t using Online Payments…

  15. Marvin Boy

    There customer service is great and if they have questions or concerns about your order they are quick to contact you. Shipping is faster than expected.

  16. John

    I was skeptical at first but Global Nembutal was extremely easy to work with. I received the medication I was expecting and the entire process was seamless.

  17. Patricia Johnston

    Always courteous and efficient. I appreciate the every bit of their service. Very happy with service. it’s time for me to rest.

  18. Shirley Griffith

    Good service, good pricing!

  19. rex adams

    Very good service

  20. Sandie Lewis

    Great service.

  21. Sandra

    Excellent service and delivery 💖

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