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Payment Options

We offer  safe and discreet payment options only.
Your order will be dispatched within 2-3 hours starting from the point of payment confirmation.
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Can One pay with PayPal or Debit/Credit Card?

One of the most frequent question we have to answer every week.
Yes, our customers are allowed to use PayPal.

other accepted payment methods are:

Bank transfer

We offer bank transfer payment method to customers purchasing other medical essentials excluding barbiturates such as KN95 Stereo Protective Mask, Sanitizers, Gloves, Thermometers, Anti-emetics, Painkillers, Protective suits and Anti retro-viral drugs. unfortunately, customers purchasing barbiturates and other forms of controlled substances are not allowed to use this option.


This option is generally accepted for all orders


Buy Nembutal with Bitcoins,

We accept bitcoins and payment is made directly at checkout via Bar-code scan or app redirect. You can now buy Nembutal with Bitcoins from us easily, fast and secured.

Zelle Pay

 Pay directly using your banking app linked to Zelle secured and fast, However this option is supported only to customers within the United States.

Postepay Evolution

 This option is available to customers within Europe and Italy to be specific. Smooth and clean transfers directly to our PosteItaliane Prepaid card.

Western Union, Money-gram and RIA Money

These options are made available  to assist customers who are unable to use all other options listed herein to easily complete their purchase by sending money online from their Western Union, Money-gram and RIA Money online accounts or pay in store using the receiver details provided at checkout.


If you intend to purchase any form of barbiturates or controlled substances like Nembutal Oral Liquid, Nembutal Powder, Nembutal Pills, Potassium Cyanide, Xanax, Nembutal Sodium Inject-able, Seconal Sodium, Demerol, Euthasol, Ketamine and Kaletra, we strongly advise you use the following payment options: Bitcoins, Postepay Evolution, Zelle Pay, Payeer western union, moneygram and RIA Money.

Reasons Why?
When Making payment through PayPal and bank transfers, your privacy is not protected, and your purchases and Transaction history can be easily traced and notified to the authorities or government in your country.
PayPal or Banks authorizes itself to send your data to any administration, government or authority, even any private organization, based solely on their own judgment.

Avoid using PayPal or bank transfer when buying Barbiturates. If you use these options and you live in a country where these products are illegal, you can be easily exposed to prosecution. PayPal can only be used with strict precautions for example use only friends and family as purpose of transaction.

Buy Nembutal with Bitcoins, Zelle Pay, Buy Nembutal using PayPal, Payeer, Bank transfers, MoneyGram, Western Union and RIA money etc. as these are the most secured, advanced and fast payment methods that maintains privacy throughout the process as compared to those offered by our competitors.

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