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The Peaceful Pill Handbook


The Peaceful Pill Handbook

The Peaceful Pill Handbook is a great book with detailed information relating to assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. The Peaceful Pill Handbook was generally published as a  leading self-help guide to end of life for  seriously ill Persons. Written from a human rights perspective, The Handbook aims to provide critical information, knowledge, power and control to those who care about when and how they will die. The Handbook provides detailed discussions and analysis of strategies in lay language which everyone can understand. Chapters are: Suicide and the Law, The Peaceful Pill, The Exit Reliability-Peacefulness Test,  Death and the Exit Bag (Nitrogen) Carbon Monoxide Detergent, Death Introduction to Drugs Drug Options, The Opioids Drug Options, Propoxyphene Drug Options, Amitriptyline Drug Options,  Chloroquine Drug Options, Insulin Drug Options, Chloral Hydrate Drug Options, Nembutal,  Availability of Nembutal,  Online ScammersTesting and Storage of Nembutal, Administration of Nembutal, The Peaceful Pill Project, The Korean Method, The Swiss Options and The Final Considerations.

The Peaceful Pill Handbook is sold in two versions (Online Version and the Print copy). the first edition of the print copy  of the peaceful pill handbook was published in 2006 by Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart. With the high demand for this book, the authors launched the online version of the book commonly referred to as the ehandbook and it is updated six times a year.

The online version of the book also contains full details on end of life strategies with specifications to over the counter drugs, Prescriptions drugs, Pentobarbital, and other substances available for individuals in countries like Switzerland where voluntary euthanasia, or assisted suicide is allowed under certain circumstances. it equally goes further to explain the details and the laws surrounding different parts of the world intending to make use of it’s strategies.

About The Peaceful Pill Handbook Author

Dr Philip Nitschke, PhD MBBS BSc (Hons), is the Founder of Exit International. In 1996, Dr Nitschke became the first physician in the world to administer voluntary euthanasia via a legal, lethal voluntary injection under the short-lived Rights of the Terminally III Act of the Northern Territory in 1996. Four of Philip’s terminally ill patients used this law to end their suffering before the Rights of the Terminally III Act was overturned in March 1997 by the Australian Parliament. Philip was awarded his PhD in applied physics from Flinders University in 1972. Philip graduated from Sydney University Medical School in 1988. Philip lives in the Netherlands.

Price of the Handbook

The online edition of the book is made available for you as described below

Continuously updated with new information

Available on 24 month subscription basis (US$85)

Contains 50+ videos

Allows access to Peaceful Pill Forums (on approval & after 1 month wait period)

Printed from live URL secure line

Accessed on up to 3 devices: Laptops, PCs, iPad/ iPhone & Androids

No 3rd party software required

Subscribe with Credit Card, Debit Card or Bitcoins

The Print 2019 edition/version of the Peaceful Pill Handbook’s cost is described below

2019 Print Edition – (USD$95)

Color Print 2016 Edition (USD$40)

All prices excluding shipping.

Please ensure to contact us for more information if you need any further help on  how to buy the Peaceful Pill Handbook.

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